Our sustainability approach

Our sustainability approach

Based on our sustainability purpose and ambition, all our projects and activities must...

Respect the planet:


Being creative and explore new materials, new business or new operating models that are more environmentally friendly


Eliminate what is not needed and doesn’t add value


Use less materials, less resources, less water or less energy whenever possible


Repair before replace, reuse or repurpose any product, material or resource


Increase recyclability and recycled content

Care for people:

People’s safety and well-being

Of employees, communities and across our supply chain

Inclusion and diversity

Develop and empower our people, recognizing the value of each one and how the diversity benefits the organization


Ensure quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities

Our roadmap towards a more sustainable business, starts at the design phase, it goes through our organization and foster the interaction with the outside world, considering all stakeholders.

This approach is built from the Inside Out!

At the design phase

Drive change for sustainable development, starting in the design phase, embedding sustainability at the core of our product development, equipment conception, processes design or business expansion, because it is in the design phase that the solutions have the greatest business potential as well as environmental and social impact

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To change our organisation’s current state to the extent required, we must also improve and optimise existing products, processes, equipment and infrastructure. We need to set our house in order and enhance our organization and our people’s life


Since sustainability is a systemic challenge, it is crucial to interact with external organizations and communities. Collaboration and good communication are key to develop a more sustainable world