Internship Programme

Internship programme

We have passion for what we do and we are challenged to do more and better everyday.
You will find a supportive and inclusive environment, where your knowledge and ambition to grow will be reinforced to prepare you for the future.

What are our goals with this programme?

The Colep Packaging Internship Programme offers students the opportunity to gain
practical experience within our company work environment.

Contribute to the
success and
development of the
student community

Allying theory to
practice through a

Bring innovation and
disruption to our

Identify young people
with high potential

We believe that the right path is towards
of talent. And you, are you ready to start this journey with us?

Colep Packaging Towards Talent is a program that aims to bring students from different areas and universities to the job market, providing a clear view of the real context of our Company. The multicultural, challenging and multidisciplinary environment boosts the careers of young talents, contributing to the development of professional and personal skills of the student’s community.
In this sense, we offer internship opportunities that allow us to value these young profiles who, while adding value with their various strategic projects, question the status quo and improve the way we operate on a daily basis.


"I feel extremely grateful for the experience, as I have learnt a lot from everyone. I feel that I have developed a lot, both professionally and personally. Colep Packaging is a very developed company with a continuous improvement and sustainability mindset. The company is concerned about teaching people and keeping them aware. I feel that it is a company full of opportunities to offer, and an excellent place to grow professionally."

Matilde Martins

"My internship at Colep Packaging was an opportunity to experience day-to-day life in the business world, to be in contact with the different departments where I acquired practical knowledge that made me develop skills for my professional future. Furthermore, I felt welcome and my work was always valued."

Isabel Fontes

"Colep Packaging proportioned me the chance to do my curricular internship and it was truly a great experience.By being a big company with an well established culture allows you to start your career with the right values and work methods.
It gives you the right tools to succeed by allowing you to solely focus on your project with great support from the various departments, enabling you to learn directly from the specialists on each field."

Bruno Rodrigues

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