Sustainability purpose

We believe that the world can be...
More sustainable with packaging than without it

Packaging mission

Packaging plays an important role reinforcing sustainability as it solves various issues and responds to important challenges. The purpose of packaging is to move a product from the producer to the consumer, taking into account:

Content protection

Assure product safety, hygiene and quality, reducing waste

Logistics’ requirements

Ensure processes’ security, efficiency and effectiveness during transport, handling and storage


Guarantee a good interaction between package, product, components and machines

Consumer experience

Express consumer needs and assure convenience, during use, reuse, recycling and disposal


Guarantee trust and transparency regarding product and supply chain, from production to disposal


Improve brand visibility, promote the product and communicate with the consumer

Our sustainability ambition

is to pursue long-term prosperity, integrating sustainability at the core of our business, respecting planetary boundaries and caring for people

Our sustainability commitments

  • Pursue packaging solutions to the challenges the world is facing
  • Make no concession on safety and improve the wellbeing and growth of our people
  • Always improve our  operations, respecting planet boundaries
  • Promote the development of our community
  • Be a responsible player along the value chain

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Our sustainability approach

has to take into consideration the important role Colep Packaging plays in pursuing prosperity for the business, for the planet and for all people

This approach is built from the inside out!

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