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12 of March of 2024

Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women in the Professional Landscape

In today’s professional landscape, women often find themselves in a position where they feel the need to overprove their capabilities, investing years in accumulating experience before daring to pursue higher roles. Despite progress, female representation remains low in traditionally male-dominated fields, such as manufacturing and senior leadership positions worldwide.

Women need to be more candid, straightforward and embrace self-confidence and it’s essential for organizations to actively support and facilitate this empowering journey.

At Colep Packaging, we’re committed to breaking these barriers by striving for a 30% representation of women in leadership roles by 2030, aligning with the entry-level proportions. This balanced workforce not only prevents unconscious bias but also ceases discrimination, unleashing the untapped potential women bring to our company.

Recognizing the pivotal role women play in driving business progress, we understand the urgency of fostering gender diversity across all sectors. Women, constituting half of the world’s population, wield significant influence as primary decision-makers, making them the most powerful consumers.

Our message is clear: women are indispensable contributors to company and societal prosperity, deserving equal opportunities. By collectively challenging unconscious biases, we can create a more inclusive and equitable world, empowering women to thrive personally and professionally.


One of the latest profiles for Metal Packager‘s series celebrating women in metal packaging featured the testimony of Raquel Passos Miranda, Sustainability Director at Colep Packaging. An insightful reflection summarized above.

Full interview available here: 

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08 of April of 2024

Have you heard of Easy Open Pail?

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23 of October of 2023

New aerosol packaging plant to be launched in Mexico

Colep Packaging and Envases Group have signed a joint venture agreement for the construction of an aerosol packaging plant in Mexico. In a first stage, the new plant will focus its production on 3 aluminium aerosol lines. The aim is to serve customers in Mexico as well as the entire Central America market using this […]

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28 of September of 2023

COLEP Packaging and INEGI develop new, more sustainable coffee capsule

It’s estimated that more than 50 billion coffee capsules are produced each year and around 75% of them end up in landfills. A problem that received the attention of Colep Packaging, which challenged INEGI to develop a solution to mitigate the environmental impact of this product. This is how the ECO-CÁPSULA project was born, also […]

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