Os nossos targets de sustentabilidade

Our Sustainability Targets

Estamos totalmente alinhados com os nossos compromissos e fomos estabelecidos através da participação de partes interessadas e de uma análise abrangente de materialidade.

2030 Sustainability Targets

Trabalhamos para um mundo mais sustentável, concentrando nossos esforços nas áreas onde podemos ter o maior impacto.

Packaging Solutions

To address the predominant sustainability challenges in our industry, we are committed to developing new packaging solutions.

Our primary focus is on creating products that not only optimize material usage but also effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


We aim to foster a culture of safety and well-being, actively advancing diversity and inclusion.

Good use of the knowledge resulting from years of experience, combined with the dynamic development of new skills, is imperative in order to implement solutions that positively impact people, the planet and our company.

We want to thrive with our people.


We focus on continuously improving operational efficiency and effectiveness, delivering value by optimizing resource consumption as well as reducing waste generation significantly.

Our aim is to improve our processes and equipment, while ensuring that we have a positive impact on the environment as well as on society.


We are committed to the communities where we operate, aiming to develop projects in the field of education, safety and well-being.

Our goal is to triple the number of people that will benefit from those projects, in order to reach at least 7200 people.

Value Chain

Sustainability challenges are complex and collaboration is crucial to achieving success. Therefore, working with suppliers, customers and other partners is one of our most important objectives.

We aim to foster knowledge, implement action and promote cooperation projects with the organizations that are part of our value chain.

We are taking proactive measures today, grounded in our conviction that packaging plays a fundamental role in shaping a more sustainable world.