Our people have the power to transform and re-invent our industry

What does Colep Packaging look like?

We are an inclusive organisation, clearly characterised by diversity.

Over the years, we have been growing in several locations, resulting in a multicultural environment.

What our employees say about us?

Working at Colep Packaging means representing a multinational company of excellence, with a challenging and multidisciplinary work environment.

Hugo Magalhães, Project Manager, Portugal

Being able at this stage to contribute to this new future for all of us in the search for the best product solutions that promote the sustainability of tomorrow is the challenge to which I can only say YES to this, my 2nd home.

Mário Vaz, Technical Manager, Portugal

Working at Colep Packaging gave me not only the opportunity to develop myself, but also to feel part of a team. The work dynamics and the experience acquired allowed me to be more self-confident and an accomplished person.

Marcin Łągiewka, Poland

In Colep Packaging anyone will find the challenge to bounder their limits. Hard job and responsibility always bring  opportunities to growth.

Miguel Moreno, Key Account Manager, Spain

Working at Colep Packaging is a challenge. We dedicate our daily lives giving our best, facing and overcoming challenges, never forgeting our VALUES.
“Sometimes we feel we are just a drop of water in the sea, but the sea would be smaller if it lacked a drop”.

Angelina Henriques, Portugal

For me, working at Colep Packaging means responsibility in what I do. I’m really proud to work here!

Emília Reis, Portugal

Several decades of collaboration, learning and sharing unique experiences… This is what defines my journey at Colep Packaging.

Manuel Martins, Portugal

For me working at Colep Packaging is to be part of a fulfilling organization that provides the opportunity to excel daily to match what is required.

Working according to the company’s strategic objectives allows me to evolve as a professional and reach levels of efficiency that I didn’t think I was capable of achieving.

Basically I am proud to be part of an organization that continues to grow and gives me the opportunity to grow as well.

Agostinho Santos, Portugal

Colep Packaging is a company that believe in young people, encourages development and helps us achieving company’s goals.

Katarzyna Balsam, Poland

At Colep Packaging I’m not an employee, I feel like a collaborator. I am an integral part of the growth and development of the company. All together we focus on the same goal: satisfy and serve our customers the best we can. This is only possible with colleagues that are also friends.

Márcio Carvalho, Portugal

I consider Colep Packaging is like a world of opportunities in where we can grow everyday.

Eduardo Monteiro, Plant Manager, Poland

All the work is worthy, but when we like what we do, it’s even easier.

At Colep Packaging I feel good. It’s a company where I have been growing personally and professionally over 16 years. I pretend to keep counting many more years!

Vera Azevedo, Quality Control Operator, Portugal

I’ve been working at Colep Packaging for about 12 years and since the beginning I’ve had the opportunity to see our company innovating in new projects and products, which makes every day a challenge.

I feel happy to be able to contribute with my ideas to improve our work routines and processes. In my daily life, I also have the possibility to pass on my knowledge to younger people, which for me is quite rewarding.

Luis Almeida, Portugal

For me, Colep Packaging started out as just my livelihood, but over the years it has become my second home and my colleagues are my second family.

I have been learning and growing a lot and that’s why I’m so thankful for all these years.

Márcia Gonçalves, Portugal

Colep Packaging has been providing me several learning and growth opportunities.

We are constantly developing ourselves as every day is a new challenge.

Nuno Tavares, Portugal