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Colep wins Gold Award for ‘Food Three-Piece’ at Cans of the Year 2020

2nd November 2020

Colep, a leading global player in the consumer goods packaging and contract manufacturing industries, wins the Gold Award for Food Three-Piece at the Cans of the Year Awards 2020.

With a wide spectrum of categories embracing all types of cans and closures, the Cans of the Year Awards recognise the global contribution made by industry leaders.

Colep recently developed “Mini Drum”, an ideal pail for vegetable oils with a capacity of up to 25 litres. Highly resistant, the Mini Drum has triple seaming on the top and bottom that guarantees a very light and robust drum.

Colep’s Technical team worked to achieve a more functional can, something crucial for customers who now expect quick to market solutions, without compromising on quality. As a result, Mini Drum is stackable on other cylindrical drums and conical pails. It also has debossed beads that provide a higher vacuum resistance and allow for complete labelling of the surface.

As Colep offers a vertically integrated approach, from coil to can, Mini Drums are manufactured as a full-service product. When produced, the non-printed pails are sent to customers, where they apply their label. This allows customisation throughout the entire value chain, reducing stocks and avoiding obsolete drums.

José Oliveira, Industrial Director for Metal Packaging Division, commented: “Colep developed a robust can concept to satisfy a requirement of a demanding market. At the same time, we tried to make the drum look elegant and attractive. It is a vigorous and resistant drum, with an appealing design using debossing techniques, which provides an easier and more useful surface area for brand labelling.”

Line Gauthier, Quality and R&D Director of Lesieur commented: “To meet the needs of our clients and to represent Lesieur’s values, we challenged Colep to produce a more resistant 25L can. Thank you to our business partner, Colep, for fully meeting our expectations.”


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